Once upon a time we were ourselves…All of us.
What happened?

We lost something. Whether you realize it or not -We simply can’t see what it is.

My purpose is to let you know and to give you the tools that will empower you to take back what belongs to you.

I would be posting weekly videos on how to regain what we lost.

Picture this, you are walking in Times Square entertained with all the lights, movements and busyness. Someone approaches you and tells you that you dropped your I phone. You immediately reach out to your pocket and realize that is not there…you freak out like Redfoo when you don’t feel it on you. You open your eyes and look side to side and ask the person. Where is it? Do you..do you know where it is? He tells you: I apologize -I didn’t take it, you know how things are these days; but I wanted to let you know. ¬†He points you in the right direction and walks away, disappears in the crowd.

Now you run there fast believing you might have the same chance on hitting the lottery if you get it back. You go to the exact same place he said he saw you drop it and you stop. Hoping somebody will collaborate and listen. But everyone is doing their own thing plain and simple.

You look 360 degrees around…it feels like a nightmare, You see Elmo, Cookie Monster, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Mario, Ironman and yeah even the Statue of Liberty. You see a sea of faces. You are static and feel no resonance. All of a sudden, everyone looks suspicious; but at the same time there is only a minute amount of people that might’ve seen what happen because everyone is moving. They are moving fast and..you know how you feel. Everything revolves around like you are standing on an LP player. Except for a guy that looked he was touched by Midas. You walk and look up to him as he stands in the center spindle and ask: Hey man -I know you are doing your act and stuff -but by any chance did you see anyone take something I dropped. He points you (with his eyes) to the bucket as he requests money to give you an answer. You drop a wrinkled dollar and some pennies for his cooperation in his bucket and he robotically moves his index finger saying ‘no’. He tells you now is your chance to take your selfie with him…you frown, he winks and goes back to his previous position.

Time simply stops for you.

As you try to continue your normal life a stranger tells you: Hey! You look like you lost something? -Did you?…Your heart jumps, he suddenly gets your full attention. He just became your ball drop at 11:59 on New Years eve. Your thoughts of having undiagnosed ADD dissipate like a rocket in the atmosphere. So, when you finally come back to Earth the first words that come out of your mouth are: Why?… well yeah..why? do you have it? He says: I believe so and hands you a torn beat up book and walks away.

You stay there puzzled for three seconds although it felt more like 9 minutes because you are in Times Square. You kinda knew he wouldn’t have it because it wasn’t today you lost it. As a matter of fact it was actually yesterday you lost it. Is no fun. You smile in disgust; nonetheless when you are about to say ‘but’ that’s exactly what you see because he left.

At the end of the day you say to yourself that you care more about the contacts than anything else…

Well, I’m the one here to remind you that your contacts are actually in the cloud, I’m the one that tells you there is a way use the global positioning system in your favor and help you track your loss (wether you filed a report or not), I’m here to remind you the warranty you forgot about and show you the way to get it back (not the book) but your real loss. I know you never lost a book. You lost an I…and is no fun.


For some reason many people go on with their lives thinking they recovered what they lost, carry on and forget what was their real loss. They look at the book that was handed down; but don’t understand a thing of what happened.

Let me be on your side as we take on this journey to recover what belong to us. I will share what has helped me understand what I was trying to understand all my life. I believe it might rekindle your purpose and empower you to be what you here to be, Yourself.

Your ideas and beliefs are more powerful than many people think. There are consequences if somebody for example makes you believe you already found what you lost when you are searching for something that happened so long ago you might not even recall what it is. The main consequence is that you will stop looking.

This is what I believe. If you want to be a great person…don’t see how high you can climb on top of people; but see how low you can go under them to lift them up. Greatness is not measured by the number of one’s servants but by the numbers ones serves. True greatness is achieved not by reducing men to one service but giving one self in service to humanity.
The greatest form of leadership is one that inspires others to maximize their potential and to fulfill their purpose in life.

My passion is to share a message of Power and Purpose.

Be Yourself.


The content here is alive and changing all the time. Just like the seasons you will see change; but the seasons themselves remain the same. This means that this material is subject to change, constantly developing and improving; but the core is adamant. This does not mean that different viewpoints will be listened to.

Honestly, no rewards will ever do justice to knowing the information that I’ll be sharing. However, the nature of this content is not exclusive. In fact, it actually promotes inclusivity of the highest order. This of course doesn’t mean that it lacks value; but all the contraire. As redundant as it may sound we do tend to value more what we put value on. Your support will actually help contribute the dissemination of what is shared. That being said, your support for this work is very ¬†important and very much appreciated.